About The Brand.
FKN Rich was founded in November 2021 by a father & son out of Canada, They have a vision of creating a worldwide community from the ground up. We strive to be a lifestyle brand that provides our community with the best & freshest styles while also providing a sense of self-worth and empowerment. Authenticity is paramount to us. When it comes to designing our clothes, we have one thing that matters most, making you look and feel better. FKN Rich is a streetwear clothing brand designed for the modern day hustler.
What Inspires Us?
Life experiences, things we love, and everything we believe in. At FKN Rich we embrace all of these things because we know that everyone deserves the opportunity to wear clothes that represents them authentically, something they can be proud of wearing while expressing themselves. The whole goal is to help amplify voices and change mindsets by wearing clothing that let's people know who you are and what you stand for. This is what it means to be truly FKN Rich.
Our Clothing
Our clothing is manufactured in Turkey made with Turkish organic cotton. Organic cotton means less water, enegry, and safer working conditions, when comparing to conventional cotton. As a part of our commitment to eco-friendliness, we've chosen Organic Turkish Cotton as the primary material for our shirts. Thanks to it's natural properties, our shirts are soft, breathable, and resistant to wrinkles. We hold our supplier who are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard to the highest standards of quality.
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