Summer Accessories

FR Logo Ball Cap - FKN RichFR Logo Ball Cap - FKN Rich

FR Logo Ball Cap

FKN Rich Logo Sandals - FKN RichFKN Rich Logo Sandals - FKN Rich

FKN RICH Logo Sandals

FR Chrome 3D Logo - FKN RichFR Chrome 3D Logo - FKN Rich

FR Chrome 3D Logo

How long is shipping?
At FKN Rich we strive to keep our customers happy. Customer service is our first priority. With that being said shipping times fluctuate between 3-4 business days! However over the past couple of months our brand has exploded due to popularity, so if items sell out or are delayed we will notify you and update the website.
What is your return policy?
In case an item you have ordered is broken or damaged, we will send a replacement item 100% free of charge, must be within 28 days of purchase. Please contact our customer service team to ask for a product replacement.
Will my order have a tracking number?
Only Express shipping has a tracking number, all other parcels are shipped VIA mail. After placing your order with us please allow 1-2 days for processing from our team, once your order has been shipped out, the tracking number and information will be emailed or texted to you within 24 hours!
How can I wash these clothes?
All of our clothing is 100% machine washable. For clothing with cotton, we suggest drying using low heat or hang drying for the best possible results.
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